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Allure Chic is a Black-Female Owned Online clothing store created with the aim of making the beauty of fashion accessible to all. Here at Allure Chic, we believe Your Style Should Do The Talking When You Walk In Any Room. First founded in 2018, Allure Chic has been privately owned and operated by CEO Gifty Mensah who started selling on private online sites like Instagram, Facebook, Poshmark, Mercari, etc. She has always had an eye for fashion even at a very young age but just like most people, she shied away from pursuing her fashion dreams with the fear of failing and disappointing people. After years of studying and researching the fashion business, Gifty was able to identify a missing part of the women's apparel market; quality and affordability. Quality apparels are so expensive that the average person cannot afford it, and the affordable ones are so inferior that they do not last.  

In March 2022, Gifty decided to launch the brand's online store, which has become its primary source for shoppers worldwide and provides customers with quality women's fashion apparel at very affordable prices. Our customers are the core of our business model. We believe that the clothes we wear reflect our personalities and we want to encourage everyone to explore and express their individuality, hence, Allure Chic was created for the Unapologetically Confident and Sophisticated women.

Stay Chic.

Fashion Photography
Fashion Photography


The core mission of Allure Chic is to make the beauty of fashion accessible to everyone, not just the privileged few. We sell trendy, quality, and high-end fashion products at very affordable prices with the aim of making them easily attainable to all our customers.

Allure Chic's objective is to be one of the world's leading providers of chic and affordable women's wear by continuing to provide the best online shopping experience.


Our vision is to be the Go-to women's fashion destination for women all over the globe.

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